Hot Buffet Menu

Lancashire Hot Pot: £5.00 Per head
Served with a warm short crust, pastry, beetroot, red cabbage and pickled onions.

Chicken Curry & Rice: £5.50 Per head
Served with mango chutney and poppadoms.

Breakfast Mornings: £1.40 Per barmcake
Assortment of breakfast barmcakes.

Hot Premium Buffet: £9.50 Per Head

All the items stated in our hot buffet menu. Include hot chicken legs, seasoned potato wedges and BBQ ribs.

Available additions to hot buffet on request. For example onion bhajis and samosas to accompany your curry.

Please Note: On all hot buffets there is a small service charge. The cost of the charge will depend on your choice and size of the buffet.